Mission Action Sunday!!

Itís our first MAS! We hope to do a mission activity involving the whole church during the Sunday School hour about once a quarter.Fulfilling a community need and having a chance to fellowship Ė what could be better?

On April 23 in the Parish Hall, we will meet to put together tote bags full of summer fun for the families of Abigailís Place.Abigailís Place is a new mission Ė only about 16 months old Ė that has already helped numerous single momís struggling with episodic homelessness.Sometimes because their fulltime jobs donít pay enough to feed and house their families, sometimes because of tragedies such as fire or flooding these families need help finding a place to live.ďFort Bend County Womenís Center, Salvation Army, Helping Hands, Fort Bend County Community Development, Attack Poverty, Fort Bend County Social Services and local churches have looked to Abigailís Place to assist with the growing number of single mother families that need assistance.Ē

This isnít your typical mission! We want to surprise the children with some fun items while taking care of the moms. Who wants to only get pajamas for Christmas? With that in mind, we are asking for the following items for the children and their moms to lift their spirits this spring season:

         Beach towels for all age children (1-16)

         Bug spray


         Any type of fun, safe outdoor toy (especially those associated with playing in the water)

         Money donations to go to the Momís to buy clothes that fit.Clothes donations are terrific, but it is so empowering to be able to choose some clothes for yourself and we all know how fun a little shopping therapy can be.

The church is providing the tote bags. And adding a Bible for our new friends. Please bring any of the above items.We will also be making cards to add to the bags.

Come join us in this joyful mission!April 23 at 9:15. Bring your family, have some breakfast, join in some Christian conversation and share the joy of giving with your children and grandchildren!!


Questions? Comments?Call Betty Anne Taylor at 713-502-6925 or email†† bataylor@ces-richmond.org or betty.a.taylor@gmail.com.

To find more information on Abigailís Place go to www.Abigailsplace.org.